Begin to draw + Paint – Feb 2023

“Great fun, with a lot of content. Great to try out so many different ideas.

Juliet C

A fabulous group of students all willing to support each other and take on board my teaching – even during the few challenging bits! I enjoyed supporting everyone to put the basics of drawing into practice and explore and experiment with the materials. The weekend really is a great mix of drawing challenges through which I support students to succeed and time for learning through experimentation and play with different materials.

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Student comments

“This was a fun and informative course. Covering all aspects of how to use different techniques and art products. [My course highlight was] seeing how I improved from the first picture. This exceeded my expectations. It was fun and informative.”
Dawn L

“I was/am a complete beginner and it was lovely to be able to learn lots of different techniques over the 2 days. A great taster course. [I learnt] different painting techniques and drawing techniques. [I discovered what] what I did and didn’t like about some of the techniques – I can take these forward. Really enjoyed charcoal, pastels and watercolours. The course exceeded my expectations. A lot covered over 2 days. Brian is very positive and supportive. Really well organised and fun. I really enjoyed the course. Thank you.”
Louise W

“Excellent. All new techniques. Very calmly and patiently taught. Excellent.”
Louise B

“Really enjoyable experience. Brian gave us the opportunity to try lots of techniques. Very supportive environment. Was a really fun 2 days. [I learnt] all the basics – types of materials for drawing and painting and lots of techniques. [My course highlights were] everything! Great teacher and a lovely group of fellow students.”
Emma H

“It is a nice basic introduction. Coach is patient and nice. Atmosphere of studio is lovely and warm. I didn’t expect much [from my] drawing, but the techniques for accuracy does give impressive [results].”
Kerry Y

“Great fun, with a lot of content. Great to try out so many different ideas. I have learnt how to draw with perspective and how to use various mediums. I loved the watercolour, but also understanding how to draw better. It was geared to the right level and great praise given. Brian’s calm way of explaining things and his positive comments in the work well done all went to making it a very meaningful weekend. I felt inspired to go home and not be too critical of anything I produce. I came away feeling very inspired – Brian is a fantastic teacher. A big thank you for the course.”
Juliet C

“Excellent, lots of different types of art and painting is covered. I think maybe to look more at what I see with a critical eye.”
Julie N

“very enjoyable – a good mix of both theory and practice – lots of practice! You get to test out various materials, so great way to found out which ones would be your favourite. Learned the 5 steps, how to measure items’ proportions and adjust the drawing, a bit about perspective. [My course highlights were] trying out charcoal! Or various materials in general, lots of fun getting to experience them myself. It met my expectations as I got general ideas on how to improve my drawing, differences in paper. There wasn’t much time to go into detail but now I know what processes/methods to look up online to learn more.”
Agnieszka S