Begin to draw + paint: Jan 2019


“Its an excellent way to spend a weekend and learn new life skills in the process.”

What a wonderful weekend teaching my Begin to draw + paint course again.  Miserable weather outside but nice and warm in my studio with plenty of warm drinks and chocolate biscuits to take us through the day.  Victoria summed up her experience of the course as, “Excellent, can’t recommend enough.  Gave me confidence in a number of mediums and allowed me to figure out what works best for me.”  She thought the highlights of the course were that she, “Tried methods of painting that I  hadn’t used before and am eager to try again”.

Read further to find out what the other students thought of the weekend.

Student Testimonials

“It was fun and informative.  A great beginner course.  Good value for money and a nice pleasant weekend.  I have learnt the basics and could go on and invest more time if needed.”
Rot P

“A great insight into different techniques for drawing and painting which will be easy to take away and practice at home.” The highlight to me was, “Producing drawing and paintings I didn’t think I could and having the freedom to experiment.”
Sarah F

“A pleasant experience.  A good general understanding of various media.”
Paul B

“A brilliant experience.  Has given me much more confidence in drawing and painting different techniques.  Cannot recommend highly enough.  I really wanted to learn to draw and have learnt so many techniques to enable me to do so.  It has been great experimenting with all the different materials.”  The highlights for me was that, “I particularly enjoyed the day – drawing methodology and measuring angles – also the water colour.”
Lorraine D

“A very good grounding in all basic art techniques.  A professionally run course for anyone wanting to learn and improve.  Loads of information and practice – friendly manner of learning.  Comprehensive – all great!”
Janette E

“Absolutely go to one of the classes.  The experience has taught me the basics to gain confidence in pursuing art and my creative side.  I have learnt theory and practice to drawing which I never knew before.  This has helped me to put my drawings/paintings into perspective.”
Liz L

“I would highly recommend it.  I have learnt lots of basics over the 2 days.” The highlight for me was, “The use of the kneadable putty to correct highlights and shade.”
Fatima R

“Very good informative, practical fun.  Relaxed.  Nice amount of people.  Tuition good – one to one time.
Patricia T

“Exciting, fun, perfect course for beginners.”
Ha P

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