Begin to draw + paint – Jan 2023

“Gave me the inspiration and confidence to continue. Exceeded my expectations.”

Sandra R

A great way to begin the year! Fabulous students looking to learn the basics of drawing and painting and ensure they learn the important stuff that will help them develop and improve. A great group of students, the atmosphere in the studio was so supportive, relaxed and creative.

Read further to find out what the students thought of the weekend course.

Student comments

“Excellent course to get you started and inspire you on to the next stages. The basic techniques and materials and how to use them will help me be a bit braver to try at home.”
Aimee L

“Learned a wide range of skills in the space of two days through enjoyable and informative exercises. How to measure angles and size by sight. The different applications of different art materials. How to create different effects with water colours and pastels and acrylic paints. The course met my expectations in teaching me foundational skills to explore art techniques on my own.”
Henry J

“An excellent intro to a variety of painting and drawing techniques. Gave me the inspiration and confidence to continue. Exceeded my expectations.”
Sandra R

“Introduction to a wide range of topics – lots of practical application. Drawing – I loved the technical part about angles and proportions. Can see myself practising that a lot in the future. Covered lots of different topics. Enjoyed it very much.”
Sean O

“This course is beginner [level] but not easy – it is intense, will cover a lot and challenge you. A well thought out curriculum, well explained and prepared by an experienced teacher. The chance to receive plenty of instruction but also to get stuck in. I preferred the drawing section of the course to painting. My confidence went up in the drawing with pencil even pastels and charcoal, not so much with paintings.”
Ruth N

“Great intro to the basics for beginners, lots of different techniques and to try new things. Completely what I expected – great explanation on website.”
Ellie W

“Step by step approach to drawing and using different materials gets you thinking through an ‘artists eye’. Better than expected, really broke it down to the basics so feel confident going home to try things out.”
Jackie W

“If you want a good overview of the use of a number of different materials and wish to learn some very usable techniques, this is a great course for that. It was just over a bit too soon. The drawing techniques I found particularly useful though it would have been nice to have a little more variety of subject matter to work from [sorry Chris – but the chosen subject matter really supports me to teach and explain the different concepts – I have added a little more variety since reading your comments, thanks for the feedback – Brian].”
Chris P

“Friendly, small group, nice location. Good introduction to very basic drawing and painting techniques for absolute beginners. techniques for accurate drawing has given me more confidence and direction for drawing. I had hoped to learn more ways to use the materials [sorry Imi, but I hope you appreciate those extra skills will be offered on the next level course – Brian].”
Imi J