Begin to draw + paint – Jan 2024

“I felt I needed a kick start to inspire me into drawing and sketching. This course was ideal.

Steve B

Begin to draw and paint course for absolute beginners

It was great being back in the studio for my first course for 2024. The students were great and really keen to get stuck in to the challengers of day 1 learning to measure accurately, apply 2 point perspective and see how accurately they could draw the still life. Day 2 rewarded the students with fun and creativity while learning about different materials from charcoal, acrylic paint and watercolour. A fab weekend for all of us.

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Student comments

“Great experience for absolute beginners who want to be introduced to the basics of drawing and painting. I personally had no experience in drawing nor painting, but with the instructions provided I was able to produce some decent drawings – I exceeded my own expectations! This course gave me the tools to start developing my skills, explore which tools and techniques I might prefer over others and continue to improve.  Thank you it was a lovely experience.”
Cinzia M

“A great crash course in beginner techniques for drawing and painting with good guidance. I particularly enjoyed using the charcoal and chalk pastels and the opportunity to be creative and learn something new. The course exceeded my expectations with great detail on artistic techniques. Thank you for a great course.” 
Vanessa R

” I found the first day very challenging, but the content interesting giving me the opportunity to explore an element of drawing that I have not done before. The highlight for me is all of day 2 especially using the different mediums to create work. The watercolour session gave me a few tips on how to improve my self-taught study. I have learnt a lot in 2 days.”
Paulette C

“I felt I needed a kick start to inspire me into drawing and sketching. This course was ideal in that it covered all the basics needed, plus techniques never attempted before. A good building block for the next phase of my artistic aspirations.”
Steve B

“A really well thought out introduction to drawing and painting giving a good mix of theory/technical drawing and experimenting with materials. I was surprised at how technical day 1 was but enjoyed it and can see that it has laid some very useful foundations to build on.”
Andrew B

“A fab beginners course, learning how to draw perspective and lots of different materials to start you on your creative journey. The best bits were the drawings with charcoal as it was expressive and a chance to use the methods from day 1. I enjoyed it all.”
Emma S