Begin to draw + paint: Jan 22

“Great experience! Learned a lot about drawing. Its amazing.”

Limo H

Great to be back in the studio again for the start of what hopes to be a wonderful new year. Really happy to have a full studio again interacting with students and to watch the group dynamics and friendships develop over the weekend. The studio was a happy and creative place. I love seeing how the studio walls start of a neutral white and then get adorned with everyone’s drawings increasing getting fuller and fuller until all the wall space is filled with overlapping drawings and paintings. Exciting stuff!!

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Student Comments

“Fantastic – better than we expected.” My course highlight was “All of it. It’s exceeded our expectations.”
Si and Lee

“A thorough explanation of the fundamental base points of many important introductions to various aspects of art. I learned to use charcoals, pastels and to be light handed using watercolours – scale, perspective 5*” The best bit was that it challenged me – thoroughly enjoyable. Covered more than I expected and gave me a keenness to use more mediums.”
Linda C

“A fantastic introduction to drawing and painting – really good teaching, supportive group.” My course highlight was “really well explained methods.” The course “has reignited my interest in drawing after a huge gap.”
Jane C

“Very good. Good progression, explanations,  support and then exploration of media shape and form. Re-learnt an approach to acrylics, reminder of tone to make shapes develop. Enjoyed all thank you.”
Sarah K

“Thanks for the encouragement.”
David A

“Excellent for beginners. Great foundation to build skills upon. Gain confidence to sue materials and techniques.”
Maria M

“A thorough description and beginners practice to drawing, acrylics, watercolour and other associated materials/equipment. It has met my expectations. Brian was patient. Sometimes I struggle to interpret verbal instructions and needed to internalise to practise.”
Rebecca G