Begin to draw + paint – July 2019

“As a total beginner it’s the fundamentals I needed to know and that’s what I learnt.”

Mark N

The last weekend of July brought 10 students to my studio for the Begin to draw and paint course.  The ideal course for absolute-beginners to make a start in drawing and painting.  Perfect to enable them to find their feet, discover what materials they like to use – drawing or painting, and come away with a solid grounding in perspective theory and techniques that will enable them to improve their drawing.  Katherine H summed up the experience perfectly when she said ” I really recommend the course: it’s fun, non intimidating and extremely informative.  There is lots of opportunity to experiment with different materials and receive help and feedback.  Informative, fun, hands-on, friendly.”  Read further to find out what the other students had to say.

Student Testimonials

“Informative, friendly, fun.” I would recommend this course “mainly because it is informative and makes me want to take it further.  Small group. Good tutor.”
Catherine M

“I would definitely recommend this course as Brian is an excellent teacher and made things clear and very do-able even for a complete novice like myself.  It was interesting and exciting to learn about and experiment with the different mediums which I would otherwise not have thought to use.”
Jill M

“Concentrated learning experience giving you all you need to start working on your own.  Brian is a great teacher who has thought hard about what beginners need to know.”
Tim W

“Would definitely recommend.  Friendly and full of information and great fun.  So many basics for drawing and painting.  As a total beginner it’s the fundamentals I needed to know and that’s what I learnt.”
Mark N

“A really great introduction to gain the foundations of many skills to practice.  Not intimidating at all and really welcoming with a great atmosphere.  I loved working with charcoal and also found the tips for controlling watercolour paints very helpful.”
Adam J

“Relaxing and intense at the same time.  Great introduction and exciting to use new media – left me feeling inspired to experiment rather than deflated due to lack of ability.  Learnt more in 2 hours on watercolour than 10 weeks of evening class at a local college – due to teaching in context.”
Graham M

“Excellent overview with enough detail to be able to take away technical skills.  Lots of variety and the chance to try your hand at different mediums.  A complete beginner, I have learnt loads!  Now all I need is practice, practice, practice!”
Sarah R

“”A good taster of a bit of everything – very hands on.  Really well paced, safe and varied learning space.”
Claire P

“I learnt at a steady pace and in a very supportive environment with as much explanation as anyone needed.  I feel I have learnt some of the building blocks of drawing and painting techniques.  High quality teaching.”
Caroline I

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