Begin to draw + paint – July 2021

I gained more confidence over the 2 days and feel inspired to keep going!   

Helene E
I always enjoy teaching the beginners course.  It’s my chance to ensure every student receives a solid grounding in all the basics of drawing and painting and leaves enthused through feeling confident in using the drawing techniques to draw with greater accuracy and having discovered an array of drawing materials and techniques.  Loads of new information to get them started and to continue with confidence at home.  A wonderful group to work with this weekend.  I look forward to seeing them thrive! Read further to find out what they thought.

Student comments

“I found it a really good experience + it gave a good flavour of different materials/techniques and how to use them. I loved teh drawing aspect, enjoyed charcoal and the freedom it gave in expressing myself.”
Angela B
“It was a perfect introductory course. The course is perfect for anyone wanting to explore different techniques and materials in art. Learnt a number of techniques for painting and drawing which I hope to explore further.”
Karen S
“Great introduction to a range of art skills, using a number of different media, tools and techniques. Thoroughly enjoyable and got loads of drawing/painting practice! 
Kirstie B
“The course was a fantastic introduction to using materials. I learned about drawing techniques – perspective really helped in my thinking and planning of the composition. Using charcoal and pastels – I wouldn’t have chosen these but could easily get lost in it.”
Helene E
“Really enjoyed the weekend. Relaxing, thoughtful and frustrating at times – practice, practice, practice. Nice atmosphere, nice surroundings – thanks Brian. I’ve learnt it’s all about trying stuff, no right or wrong way – test things, try things out. Would certainly advise friends to do the course.”
Kevin M
“Ideal course for beginners. Brian explained everything really well and was very supportive. The group is small which means everyone receives attention and help.”
Helen E