Begin to draw + paint – July 2022

“Brilliant! It has given me enough to practice on my own and an appetite to keep learning.”

Mary H

A wonderful weekend teaching beginners how to draw and paint. A really enthusiastic and friendly group – the studio was awash with creativity and support for each other. Exactly why I love teaching so much.

Read further to find out what the students thought of their course experience.

Student comments

“Day 1 was very technical but informative – Day 2 was very enjoyable and good fun. Learned something new – a great introduction to drawing and painting in a relaxed atmosphere.”
Colette M

“Great mix – lots of info (really good), real chance to experiment with different mediums. [I have learnt] scaling and measuring on the 1st day and the difference between my first and third drawing was vast! I really enjoyed all of it – it has met and exceeded my expectations.”
Katherine W

“Fabulous introduction to a variety of skills, suitable even to a complete beginner. – do not be afraid – give it a go. [My course hight was] seeing the progression. Even better than expected, tried so many different forms in just 2 days.”
Jo B

“A great beginners overview of art. Broad look at different art types to gauge interests and explore styles. Improved drawing fundamentals and an understanding of watercolours. Exactly what I expected, did exactly what I wanted. Gave me a good overview of art and opened my eyes to different mediums.”
Chris R

“A fantastic introduction to drawing + painting and materials. Brilliant for someone not sure where to start. As a beginner it was great to learn about the basics of drawing especially perspective. [My course highlights were] all the practical bits – learn by doing.”
Andrew B

“Good initial introduction to a wide array of subjects – pencil drawing, scale, techniques, use of light and shadow. [My course highlights were] pencil drawing and acrylic painting. The course gave me a good insight and understanding and highlighted my interests as well as subjects I don’t.”
Sam H

“Very useful for a complete beginner to become familiar with different techniques and materials. I’ve become familiar with some basic drawing techniques and painting materials and techniques and have learnt the basics which will be helpful for practicing different techniques. I attended as a complete beginner, therefore the course has met all my expectations to enable me to become familiar with drawing and painting.”
Sasa P

“Fun, challenging, eye-opening, and encouraging. I’ve learnt new techniques for drawing and painting and I’m excited to keep developing the skills I’ve learnt. It has encouraged me to keep going further. It was interesting to see different people’s strengths and approaches to our challenges. I enjoyed hearing about people’s journey towards art.
Hannah Y

“It was enjoyable if you’re wanting to learn the basics. It was just what I wanted. [The course] was exactly what I was looking for to help build on. I’ve never had any training so wasn’t really sure how to use things or if I was doing it correctly. Thank you”
Jodie D