Begin to draw + paint – Sept 2018

 “It’s a great start to trying art. It works whatever your initial feelings about your capability.”

It was great to get back off my summer holidays to teach a full studio of students eager to learn to draw and paint.  I love teaching the Begin to draw + paint course as students are always so receptive an willing to try new materials, techniques and just give things a go to see what happens.

We always have good fun and learn loads in a weekend crammed full of info, demos, tips and tricks of drawing and painting. Simon felt, “Very positive, the first day felt intense at times – the second day was more fun.” Reflecting on what he learnt over the weekend Philip said, “Basic techniques of drawing and painting.  Basic knowledge of materials.  Enough to give you confidence to try on your own.”  Exactly what you want from a course for absolute-beginners.

However read further to find out what all the other students on this course thought.


Student Testimonials

“I really enjoyed the different ways to use charcoal – I felt quite feed-up using it.  Although I found the perspective and measuring angles of the first day difficult, I think this was probably one of the most useful parts of the course.”
Simon A

“An excellent way of getting started in drawing and painting and overcoming any fears you might have.”
Philip S

“Very enjoyable learning experience in a friendly casual environment. Covers enough ground to let you have the confidence to try on your own.
Maureen B

“Really well structured course covering a huge amount/range of skills over a weekend course.  Well taught, good atmosphere.  Group size just right.”
Mike S

“Small group; excellent tutor; learnt all things I can use in my pictures and build on with practice; a lot covered; lots of chance to try things out; small group; useful feedback and encouragement.”
Ruth B

“It is a good experience to try different art media and an ideal course to find a media you can be comfortable with.  It’s a good starting point if you’re interested in art and want to get into it. I enjoyed using the acrylic paints as well as learning the techniques for pencil drawing.”
Justine T

” A good range of learning the basic techniques to drawing and exposure to different materials.”
Jemima T

“Great, enjoyed it, Very interesting and enjoyable, learnt a lot.”
Harry M