Begin to draw + paint – Sept 2020

“Helpful because you learn what you like and don’t like – it’s experienced.”

Sam F

The first Autumn course for absolute beginners was a joy to teach as usual.  Students were so pleased to be back in a creative space after so long at home due to Covid.  The students all had a wonderful time learning and sharing their drawings and paintings with the other students while giving and receiving positive feedback and comments between each other. Read further to see what they thought of the Begin to draw = paint course.

Student comments

“Great opportunity to try lots of new things (especially good at the moment when so much of life is closed down).  I’ve learned how t draw using angles, perspective, and how to use watercolours, pastels and acrylics.”  My course highlight was “using willow charcoal and ‘getting’ measurement and angles and how they improve the drawing.”
Anna C

“The quality of teaching is excellent.  I can’t believe we learnt so many different things in a weekend.  Would highly recommend!”  My course highlight was “learning to measure and scale and paint with water colours.”
Heidi K

“Very interesting, gain broad knowledge of drawing and painting materials needed, how to use, etc.”  My course highlight was “chalk-messy but fun.”
Sam F

“Excellent, patient tutor and very quick and touched on everything.” My course highlight was “the drawing day and the learning about watercolour.”
Michelle C