Begin to draw + paint – Sept 2021

I’ve learnt loads but I think the most important bit for me was measurement! My drawing will certainly improve now I have this technique! 

Anna P

It was wonderful being back in the studio teaching, after our summer break.  A wonderful group of students who were so excited about learning both the technical drawing techniques and getting stuck in with experimenting with different materials.  A lovely weekend. But read further to find out what the students thought of their experience.

Student Comments

“Showed me how to view objects in relation to other in terms of size and shape, how to measure angles and objects. How to use colours.”
Mike E

“I would recommend this course to anyone – such a lovely way to spend a weekend – great fun, learnt loads and it’s a really welcoming and supportive atmosphere. I’ve learnt that I love charcoal and pastel.” My course highlight was” I loved being free with the 15min drawings in pastel, charcoal, willow and acrylic.”
Anna P

“I learned real and useful techniques. I learned how to see what was wrong and how to fix it, and techniques I can replicate, practice and use for drawing and painting.” My course highlight was “the Vision Cone and practicing it.”
Susan W

“Excellent introduction. Patient, clear, step-by-step instructions, plenty of explanations and fun! Perspective was really new and challenging – excellent.  Learned what I didn’t like so much – watercolour. Really helpful.” My course highlight was “demonstrations, encouragement and guidance and Show + tell.”
Hilary I

“A great way to begin an interest in creative art. Experiencing different materials and learning the fundamental techniques was eye opening. The method of going about drawing, from measuring to the fine tuning will help me improve and continue to draw.”
Andy C

“Good first experience of a range of media, very useful sequencing. Fun.”
Mike E

“Great introduction, lots of learning packed in 2 days.”
Helena T

“A whistle-stop tour of methods and materials, there’s a lot to take in but I feel like I’ve now got a really good base to practise different things.” My course highlight was “using paint for the first time since school – acrylics and watercolours for the first time.”
Lia A