Begin to draw + paint – Sept 2022

“The course was challenging and interesting. It was presented well and I never felt out of my depth even though I have never drawn or painted anything before.”

Belinda D

The first course after my return from summer holidays is always special. Getting back into teacher mode giving me an opportunity to share my love of a structured approach to drawing as a basis for greater freedom and creativity, always gives me a boost and I relish the chance to share my approach with students. A great group to work with and support all weekend.

Read further to find out what they thought of the weekend course.

Student Comments

“It’s a really great way to try out a whole load of different techniques for both drawing and painting. No prior knowledge is assumed and that’s really helpful. [My course highlights were] working with brighter pastels and feeling free to play and try. Its opened my mind to my potential regards drawing and painting. Its a stretching course that tells you an awful lot to get you started. Nice one!!”
Andy A

“Really great intro to different mediums and materials. Plus covering some great drawing fundamentals. Beginners how-to of several different art materials plus benefits and drawbacks of each. Which mediums I feel most comfortable with.”
Isobel C

“Very good. More advanced drawing techniques than I knew. First experience of painting since primary school – all of it interesting and enjoyable.”
Mary B

“The course was challenging and interesting. It was presented well and I never felt out of my depth even though I have never drawn or painted anything before.” I have learned about perspective and methods of drawing and painting using different mediums. I loved using the charcoal and pastels. I have learned much more than expected.”
Belinda D

“Very informative of basic methods and tools to start. I deal for someone who hasn’t done art for 50 years! [I have learned] lots! Learned to trust my eye but also importance of measuring. Learned that I like forgiving mediums like willow charcoal drawing. I wasn’t sure what I expected but am going away with lots of info and a feel for trying more.”
Sarah N

“Useful – very busy. Drawing and painting skills have all improved. Lots of structure has helped. A great all-round overview.”
Andy T

“An excellent introduction to the fundamentals of drawing and sketching with a range of painting and colour techniques. Friendly group and supportive tutor. [I have learned] how to approach a drawing starting from plotting points, adding shapes, shading and measurements . Will transform how I approach this. [My course highlights were] day 1 – whilst challenging it taught me a lot and being open and creative on day 2. Met my expectations on exploring materials and exceeded my expectations on learning an approach to drawing.”
Steve G

“A very enjoyable weekend of exploring all manners of drawing and painting. [I have learned] the basics of drawing and practice with different styles of painting.”
Farshid J

“This is a course which teaches you the techniques in a fun and informative way. You learn the basics from drawing into painting. Different materials and mediums are explored with practicals. I’ve learned about seeing images as a whole, perspectives as well as different paints. Painting with watercolours was the best. It was fun and informative.”
Ade M

“A great introduction to many different art techniques and materials. A method of drawing and painting that I can now follow and practice. The drawing techniques were a highlight. It has exceeded expectations.”
Maxine H