‘The Creative Eye’ by Heather Spears

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The Creative Eye book

 The Creative Eye

“Look up from this book, and see what is front of you.  This is your visual field”.  So starts Heather Spears’ amazing book “The Creative Eye”.

I can count on one hand the people, books, events that have been a pivotal influence on my life. That have changed, not just the way I do things, but the way I think about things – particularly within art, design and drawing.  Heather Spears’ “The Creative Eye” is one such book that has radically altered my understanding, perception and practice of drawing.

I am a teacher and artist.  I have been teaching art classes for over 15 years.  I am involved in the ‘actual, physical act’ of drawing as Heather puts it.  My art courses and drawing classes focus on finding ways of supporting students to learn to draw and overcome the difficulties they experience with drawing when attending art courses.  I have a very hand on approach.   I am not an academic or critic. This review is written from an unashamedly personal viewpoint. Read more