Begin to draw + paint – Jan 2018

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Begin to draw + paint

Last weekend I taught the first course for 2018 – and thoroughly enjoyed getting back into the studio to teach.  Ten enthusiastic beginners greeted me for the start of the Begin to draw + paint course.  We all worked hard throughout the weekend – and enjoyed ourselves along the way.

Students of all ages and different backgrounds adds to the weekend as everyone brings a different experience, stories and ideas with them which adds so much to an interesting weekend of drawing and creativity.

One of the students, Lisa, had already attended my Creative sketchbook course last year and thought of this course, ” Wonderful! Great way to learn by getting stuck in. No need to fear being a complete beginner. ”

Students find the studio warm and welcoming and a place they can feel comfortable and simply enjoy being creative and trying out new things.  Lisa said she found the studio, ” Friendly, safe environment to let loose to learn the basics in easily digestible chunks.”
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