Cezanne. Modern master workshop – Sept 2020

“Challenged my traditional expectations of drawing a 3D item.”

Mariam B

The first in my series of Modern Master artists who led the way in Modern art around the turn of the 19th century.  Cezanne is the first evening workshop that looks at what developments he heralded in art, how his work influenced artists after him, and how we can learn from him to improve our own work.  This is followed by Matisse and Picasso later in the year.

Read further to see what the students thought of the workshop.  Covid is still having a huge impact on enrolments so we only had 2 students on the workshop.  However as they had booked all 3 workshops through the year it was important to continue to ensure they learnt about the artists in chronological order.  Nice if you can book them this way – but not essential.


Student comments

“A fascinating insight into techniques used by Cezanne. Lots of practical with excellent explanation.”
Stephen R

“This is a great course to understand the history of Cezanne and also experience using his approach.” My course highlight was “everything – theory was interesting and practical aspect and advice is great.”
Mariam B