Cezanne: Oct 2018

“Brilliant ideas and teaching.  A very safe space to explore and expand your experience of creating art work.”

Barbara B

This was the first of my new short 1-session workshop series about the Modern masters – Cezanne, Matisse and Picasso.  The series are being taught over the year on the 5th Tuesday evening of those months with 5 weeks.

This first workshop was a great success – the format worked really well and students are looking forward to the next 2 workshops in the series.  Barbara summarised the workshops as “Understanding of Cezanne’s paintings, using blocks of colour to bring out structure.” She felt that the workshop was”very clear well thought out lead in to looking at Cezanne’s paintings and then an opportunity to put ideas into practice – with gentle support and encouragement to let go and let it happen freely.” 

What did some of the other students think of the workshop?  read further to find out.

Student testimonials

“I enjoyed the learning about Cezanne and the context of how he developed his style – I’ll definitely look out for ‘facets’ when drawing in the future.  I also enjoyed discovering oil pastels and playing with colour. Brian is a great teacher and explains everything well – always challenging preconceptions of what you think art should be.”
Kate P

“Great course in short amount of time. Enjoyable experience, approachable and friendly tutor. Good opportunity to develop techniques,  build confidence and experiment with different mediums.
Jaina P

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