Charcoal + Grapgite: introduction – Aug 2019

“Excellent content.  I’m a beginner to drawing, but learned so much in 2 days & feel inspired to carry on.”

Jackie S

My Charcoal + Graphite: introduction course saw 2 exciting days in mid August that brought 10 students together to learn about drawing in monochrome – black, white and shades of grey.  However there was nothing grey about this course!  The drawings produced by the students were punchy, full of drama and detail.  This was a new course and I was thrilled by how the students engaged, were willing to challenge themselves and push themselves to learn more.  A great credit to them.  The excitement and fun of drawing in charcoal and graphite brings out the freedom and creativity in you.  Garry H described the course as “Really enjoyable.  Took lots from it that I can hopefully use in the future.”  And that is credit to how much he was willing to get involved and keep trying new ideas.  Read on to find out what the other students thought of the course.

Student Testimonials

“Really explored the difference between the media – friendly, informative, so helpful in encouraging me to experiment with media.”  My course highlight was that the course “takes you away from the rigours of life and into 2 days of total concentration on something else.”
Graham M

“Great way to get to grips with graphite and charcoal.  Learned loads of techniques I didn’t know.  Techniques for blending, using free flowing dramatic lines to show energy.  This is the second course I have done and I thoroughly enjoyed learning new things.  Greta, friendly atmosphere, relaxed way to have a go.”
Rosalind F

“A brilliant weekend course well taught by Brian as always thoroughly enjoyable.  Too short!!”  My course highlight was “using over-sized paper and coloured ground – new experience and interesting.”
Jill W

“Hard work, lots of concentration required but very enjoyable.  Good fun, small group, excellent encouraging tutor.  Fun using different mediums.”
Catherine M

“Would highly recommend.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but Brian is a fantastic teacher.  So supportive and positive.  I’m a beginner to drawing, but learned so much in two days & feel inspired to carry on.  Enjoyed all of it.”
Jackie S

“Very accessible, very informative, great guidance and support in a small group.  Perfect for beginners and fun as well as informative/practice.”  My course highlight was “willow charcoal was a great find for me.”
Gary S

“Very enjoyable.” My course highlight was 2taking up something I used to enjoy.”
Dorothy F

“Really good! Warm and friendly atmosphere, extremely welcoming.   Brian was very helpful and provided several tips and feedback for improvement.  Great experience – fun while learning new techniques.”
Mamoona A

“Really enjoyable.  Took lots from it that I can hopefully use in the future.  Friendly teacher and very knowledgeable.”  My course highlight was “learning different techniques.”
Garry H

“Informative, pleasant.  All good.”
Charlotte G

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