Charcoal + Graphite – June 2021

” Was absolutely great-thoughtfully put together to build on each session to the final piece.” 

Sarah K
What a fabulous time was had exploring monochrome drawings! There is something magical working in just black and white with no distraction from colour.  Students enjoyed a challenging and fun weekend using pencil, graphite and charcoal to create drawings of different sizes and culminating in the largest drawing any of them had ever attempted! Read further to find out what they thought.

Student Comments

“The experience was fun and challenging for me – out of my comfort zone.  Learnt so much and now have new areas to develop – enjoyed the last exercise.” I have learnt to “be bold, be experimental.” My course highlights were “looking at other students exercises – learnt so loads just by observing.”
Ian T
“Loved it! You can experiment and try out the various exercises with total support, help and suggestions. Its a great environment.” I have learnt “better use of the different charcoals and graphite. better use of blending and materials to use.” My course highlights were that “I really enjoyed the willow charcoal – it was all great – thank you.”
Ailsa O
“Great to learn how to use mew materials.” I have learnt to “be braver. Lots of different ways to make marks, but especially blending. I didn’t really know about it or what it could do.” My course highlight was “willow charcoal.”
Iain M
“Initially challenging when not done any drawing for a long time.  Brian supports and leads you on a journey of discovery of tone and mark-making – that by the end you are comfortable creating large bold pieces.” I have learnt “the use of tone/mark making together create interest. Be bold and free! Use all the space. Think big!” My course highlight was “getting more confident and building up to a large piece at the end.”
Sarah K