Cityscapes – summer 2020

“Covid-19 safety  and Creativity combined!! What more could we ask for? 

Sue M

Urban sketching in August sounds wonderful – sitting outdoors in the summer sunshine drawing our surroundings.  Sadly that did not happen much during our summer urban sketching weekend course.  The weather was awful! We managed to get outdoors for about 1 hour on Saturday and then spent the rest of the week end in the studio.

However, we all had a wonderful time learning and exploring a multitude of materials and techniques suitable for taking out on location – when the weather is suitable.  We followed my wet weather plan which gives students far more opportunities to explore materials and technique.  My fine weather plan allows for more practice drawing on-site using more traditional urban sketching techniques – but that will be for another course – hopefully in September.

Read further to see what the students thought of their weekend experience.

Student Comments

“Covid-19 safety  and Creativity combined!! What more could we ask for?  Brian inspired us to use a structured approach to drawing, exploring a variety of materials for different effects.  Time flew!  Buildings are now more simple and enjoyable to draw.”
Sue M

“The course is a great mixture of techniques, tips and the use of materials that you might not have the opportunity to try otherwise.  Would not normally feel confident using a pen to draw.  But it is so effective and I will be practicing.  Brian adapted the course to Covid, the weather and attendees.”
Val M