Cityscapes: urban sketching course: March 2018

Cityscapes: urban sketching course diary

We had a small group of students brave enough to venture out into the outside elements after a really cold spell over the previous few weeks.  The weather held out for us and we managed to get out to visit a few locations in Ancoats and New Islington during the weekend.  If there is one thing I’ve learnt about Manchester weather is to never put off what you want to do – either the weather won’t be as bad as the forecast suggests, or if it is – I have a wet weather plan for the course with plenty to do inside our amazing Hope Mill that will still offer students a brilliant weekend experience of urban sketching.

Ian, one of the students on this course says, ” Very interesting and informative.  Plenty of  different techniques [to learn]. ” And if it had rained all weekend – we would have learnt even more creative and fun techniques for students to use when they go out into the city environment to draw and sketch.  But what did the other students think?  Read on…

Student comments

“[I learnt about] composition, use of tone and different materials. Very relaxing and enjoyable – time scales for drawings just right.”
Ian M

“Good clear instruction on techniques of perspective, etc.  use of different media to create different effects.  Encouragement to be creative and think about how to present material in a right way. |Excellent instruction and encouragement to build up individual style – confidence.”
Barbara B

“Very good experience. Friendly atmosphere, good instruction, nice and interesting setting and area.”
Lewis B

“A mix of theory and practical experience.  Lots of individual and group advice and sharing of ideas.  Clear guidance and encouraging environment provided.  Fun, creative, educational.  [The highlight for me] was learning to use so many different pens and styles.
Isabel B

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