Cityscapes urban sketching – May 2022

“Definitely given me more confidence in tackling buildings.”

Natalie C

A fabulous weekend, thankfully with some good weather, to get out and about around Ancoats and draw some of the historic and more contemporary architecture. Whether a Victorian brick building that forms the fabric of Manchester’s architecture or contemporary housing – all buildings tell a story about Manchester. Often colourful, always interesting. We had a full group of 10 students this weekend and everyone got on so well and supported each other in the drawing challenges. Everyone’s personal style was celebrated and I thoroughly enjoyed teaching the group. Read further to find out what the students thought of the weekend.

Student comments

“Great covering of fundamentals with plenty of drawing. Casual but focused. good balance. [My course highlights were] lessons on drawing methodology and measuring and the watercolour + pen. The course absolutely [met my expectations]. Still need lots of practice but its built the foundation nicely! Thanks very much”
Zoe D

“Sketching with different media and techniques. Step by step teaching style. I didn’t have expectations [for the course] but I was surprised all the time. Thank you Brian!”
Olga D

“A great crash course in how to draw buildings and compose interesting pictures. The drawing methodology how to draw urban compositions – the 5-step process was helpful for beginners and makes it less intimidating. [My course highlights were] the outdoor sketching-especially the last drawing seeing it all come together. Yes – met my expectations and given me lots of food for thought and definitely given me more confidence in tackling buildings.”
Natalie C

“Drawing building is not something I previously found interesting but this course showed me ways to make urban sketching alive and human. As well as more basic tools such as how to make buildings look real, how to use tone and colour, we learnt how to make our pictures show our own personality. The [Manchester] City fans [walking past] added something too!”
Kathryn F

“Do this course if you want some clear and thorough instruction on how to draw buildings. [My course highlights were] watercolour and ink drawing. It hsa met my expectations although it was tiring, which is probably a good sign.”
Pam S

“A friendly, well paced but challenging art class suitable for all levels and taught in an unintimidating manner. Getting better at reading features of buildings and picking out the focal points and what to exclude.”
Olivia S

“It was a great experience to get to learn and use a range of techniques that helped me organise drawings differently. I’ve learnt so much! [My course highlights were] different materials and techniques in different types of paper. The watercolour but was my favourite. The course has exceeded my expectations and I feel like joining groups with my friends to practice more. I’ve also learnt from my colleagues and got inspired by them. Thanks a lot for a lovely weekend! I can’t wait to get on with practicing!”
Ursula D