Cityscapes: urban sketching – Oct 2016

Cityscapes: urban sketching Diary: 22-23 Oct 2016

Discover what the students got up to during this course.  The exercises, the experimentation, the finished drawings.

This course gave students the opportunity learn from scrach, or re-inforce, their knowledge and understanding of using 2-point perspective.  The course starts with perspective theory and then gives students the chance to put this into use on practical drawing projects in the studio to ensure they have understood all the aspects of perspective.

The remainder of the weekend course is spent outdoors as much as the weather allows, drawing some of the historic buildings around Ancoats.  These provided us with all sorts of challenges both technical and creative.


Along with a fabulous chance to practice perspective I also give students the opportunity to explore 3 different creative techniques that they can use when ‘out in the field’ drawing buildings with their chosen urban sketching group.

The course gives students the chance to build their confidence, technical and creative skills, and enable them to feel more comfortable when drawing with urban sketching groups in their chosen city.  Or to simply make the most of their urban drawings when out and about on their own or on holiday.

Student Quotes

“Plenty of practical hands-on experience and personal feedback, supportive environment for beginners.” Steve J

“Lots of content in the course but as its a small group you can work at your own pace and the teacher has the time to support every individual.” Gill C

“A really relaxed, friendly, informative and inspirational course.  I came on it aiming to be inspired and improve my skills and knowledge.  Job done!” Gary B

“Great to get personal tuition, while also benefiting from the group dynamic.  Good tuition in the fundamentals of perspective.” Sarah G

“Great learning opportunity.  Relaxed style but with enough pressure to experiment and learn.” Severine C

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