Cityscapes: urban sketching – September 2018

“Gives one a lot of confidence to draw… you can see a difference in your own skill”

Radhika M

Enjoyed another wonderful weekend with 6 students on the urban sketching course.  The weather held out well enough for us to get a lot of time outdoors drawing the local buildings around Ancoats. Bev thought the course was “Informative and enjoyable” and found what she had learnt – “to measure more precisely and observe more” – really valuable in helping her improve her urban sketching techniques.  The highlights of the course for Bev was her enjoyment of the course and “meeting different people from different walks of life”.  Which is absolutely true as the discussions and chats we had during our social times really highlighted the different life experiences we all brought to the weekend as well as the different reasons why people attended the course in the first place – from architecture students, creative artists, landscape designers, urban planners, and students simply wanting to improve their urban drawing skills for fun and enjoyment.

Read further to find out what the other students thought of their experience.

Student Comments

“Gives one a lot of confidence to draw, the techniques especially are very informative useful and you can see a difference in your own skill.  Am more confident about my abilities to draw in between people.”
Radhika M

“A really great snapshot of perspective basics with a heavy focus on creativity.  I’ve learnt to use more free drawing techniques and ditch the ruler.  Great course, has really helped to give me confidence.”
Lee B

“Great way to develop the confidence to start sketching. Great atmosphere and great place to learn. [My course highlights were] sketching outdoors and getting lost in the drawing”.
Maryam A

“I wanted to go from knowing very little about perspective and different drawing materials to being confident enough to sketch buildings and streetscapes – and I did! Two very rewarding days. [My highlights of the course were] seeing improvement, growing in confidence in 2 days!”
Kevan S

“Very accessible for all levels, friendly. Well worthwhile. Informative. I’ve learnt to be selective – frame a picture and rework the world to highlight key aspects.  Basic methodology to approach sketching and grounding to build on into the future.”
Molly S

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