Cityscapes: urban sketching – Sept 2019

A revelation! A course to learn different methods and then put into practice to understand how to create life-like urban scenes.

Taylor W

We were greeted by a clear, warm Saturday morning for the start of this weekend’s Cityscapes: urban sketching course.  The students and I were thrilled at the prospect of getting outdoors to sketch amongst the historic buildings of Ancoats.  But first we needed to spend some time learning the foundations of perspective, how to approach drawing buildings and get some practice at measuring to ensure our proportions were accurate enough to form a decent foundation to our drawings.  We finally went outside after lunch and enjoyed a fab afternoon drawing with the cheers from Etihad stadium providing a soundtrack for us.  Sadly Sunday was rained off so we spent the day in doors learning a variety of creative techniques that are great for doing when out and about around the city – still definitely a day well spent.  Rea further to find out what the students thought of their experience.

Student Testimonials

“Very positive for a absolute-beginner – you can see progress within an hour! Lots of techniques but also lots of ideas to try different things.  It is really scary as a complete beginner to come onto a course like this but if you want to progress/improve it is ideal.”  My course highlight was “seeing my improvement!  Loved the soluble ink technique.”
Fiona D

“Practical training in the basics of drawing buildings and exploration of [creative] techniques. Tangible improvement in drawing skills.”
Jasmin E

On this course I have learnt ” perspective (vanishing points, eye line, etc), assessing scale and transferring to the page, importance of shade and tone – will help immensely in creating more realistic sketches.  Informative course in a friendly environment with constructive feedback for improvement on technique.” MY course highlight was “seeing the difference between my odd shaped box at the start to my realistic urban sketches at the end.”
Taylor W

“Very inciteful intro to techniques – well explained with creative activities with a purpose – learned a lot, developed confidence and understanding.  Fun, builds confidence, learn a lot, come away with lots of new methods of drawing.”  My course highlight was that “Brian is an excellent teacher, communicates very well and has good ideas for how to learn perspective, etc.”
Anna B

“Great! Definitely recommend it to my friends and family.” My course highlight was that “Brian is excellent tutor, makes techniques look easy and I’m very impressed with the quality of the course and techniques.  Brian gave me confidence that believing myself as an older art student.”
Razi R

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