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Weekend 1-day workshops

Exciting 1-day workshops exploring different materials and techniques. Great to attend as stand-alone workshops or as part of your wider creative journey

Explore multi-layered mark-making, surfaces and textures

Book individually or together over a single weekend

Experimental drawing

Sat workshop 1-day

Explore drawing in its purest form to help expand your gesture and mark-making skills

Mixed-media textures

Sun workshop 1-day

Create tactile mixed-media textures using acrylics and a variety of materials and techniques

Experience the thrill of charcoal drawing and pen + ink wash mixed media

Book individually or together over a single weekend

Charcoal drawing

Sat workshop 1-day

Discover the freedom of gestural drawing with willow, and the drama of compressed charcoal

Pen + ink wash drawing

Sun workshop 1-day

Embrace the freedom of drawing with black Indian ink and colourful drawing ink using dip pens, natural sticks and brushes.

Weekend 2-day courses

Our 2-day weekend courses from Saturday to Sunday are the perfect opportunity to indulge your creative self, learn new skills and techniques and leave inspired to get stuck into your art at home.

Begin to draw + paint

Weekend course 2-days

The absolute-beginners guide to starting art, drawing and painting

Creative sketchbooks

Weekend course 2-days

Learn important sketchbook skills to enable your creativity and artistic vision to flourish

Realistic drawing

Weekend course 2-days

The perfect course to develop skills in drawing accurately and realistically from life using graphite + colour pencil

Expressive still-life

Weekend course 2-days

Learn to create with an inventive + self-expressive approach to create semi-abstract contemporary still-life artwork

Abstract Art

Weekend course 2-days

Learn 10 foundational keys to creating highly personal self-expressive abstract art

Urban sketching Ancoats

Weekend course 2-days

Build confidence in technical and creative urban sketching techniques with a focus on drawing buildings

Acrylic painting L1

Weekend course 2-days

The perfect introductory course for beginners to start learning acrylic painting skills and techniques

Acrylic painting L2

Weekend course 2-days

Further develop your acrylic painting with added skills, techniques and creative styles

Extended weekend 3-day courses

Longer 3-day courses from Friday to Sunday offering foundations to new ways of approaching your art. Exciting, challenging and profoundly rewarding.

Essential Drawing Foundations

Fri – Sun 3-day course

Learn core drawing skills to improve accuracy, perception and clarity of vision

Life drawing Foundations

Fri – Sun 3-day course

A unique tutor-led course for beginners and experienced drawers teaching an innovative experiential life drawing approach

Midweek daytime courses, classes + workshops

Midweek daytime classes offering a mix of flexible classes, year-long courses and short workshops

Art + Creativity

Mon morning 30-week course

Gain skills to grow your creative-confidence and learn how to flourish as a visual artist. Enrol in January or April.

Weekly Art Class

Wed morning class flexible booking

Be inspired every week with a new tutor-led art projects every session exploring a variety of materials + techniques

Midweek evening courses

Multi-week evening courses on a Wednesday evening

The Art Elements Course

Wed eve course 6-sessions

Key learning about the Art Elements of line, tone, form, colour, shape, texture, pattern and composition

Still life Exposed

Wed eve course 6-sessions

Creative projects and insights into Cezanne, Matisse and Picasso to help transform your own art

Life drawing courses + groups

Weekly life drawing peer-group, tutor-led workshops, and 3-day course

Life drawing Ancoats

Mon eve peer group

Peer-led life, figure and portrait drawing and painting for everyone, with support and friendship included

Begin Life Drawing

Mon eve tutor-led class

Tutor-led step-by-step life drawing class for absolute-beginners and those returning to life drawing

Life drawing Foundations

Fri – Sun 3-day course

A unique tutor-led course for beginners and experienced drawers teaching an innovative experiential drawing approach

Children + youth art classes

Sunday art classes for primary + secondary school-aged children

Youth art class

Sunday afternoon class  1-session

Ages 11-15 or Secondary-school aged. Tutor-led art class exploring a variety of materials, artists, and techniques

Children’s art class

Sunday morning class  1-session

Ages 8-10 or Primary-school aged. Tutor-led art class exploring a variety of materials, artists, and techniques

Student quote: Loved it! you’ve shown me a different way to approach art and my creativity. I feel as if you’ve opened up in me a new way of seeing things.”
Donna B


Course Titles
Student quote: From week one I knew this was going to be good, and that first class was almost worth the fee alone. I think this course was an incredible experience and I know I’ve learnt a lot over the six weeks.”
Meg K


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