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General Art

weekend 2-day courses

Begin to draw + paint

Weekend course 2-days

The absolute-beginners guide to starting art, drawing and painting

Expressive drawing L1

Weekend course 2-days

Learn to draw with an inventive + self-expressive approach to create semi-abstract contemporary style drawings

Realistic drawing L1

Weekend course 2-days

The perfect course to develop skills in drawing accurately and realistically from life using graphite + colour pencil

Acrylic painting L1

Weekend course 2-days

The perfect introductory course for beginners to start learning acrylic painting skills and techniques

Abstract Art

Weekend course 2-days

Learn 10 foundational keys to creating highly personal self-expressive abstract art

Creative sketchbooks

Weekend course 2-days

Learn important sketchbook skills to enable your creativity and artistic vision to flourish

Urban sketching Ancoats

Weekend course 2-days

Build confidence in technical and creative urban sketching techniques with a focus on drawing buildings

Acrylic painting L2

Weekend course 2-days

Further develop your acrylic painting with added skills, techniques and creative styles

General Art

Weekend 1-day courses

Experimental drawing

Sat workshop 1-day

Explore drawing in its purest form to help expand your gesture and mark-making skills

Mixed-media textures

Sun workshop 1-day

Create tactile mixed-media textures using acrylics and a variety of materials and techniques

Charcoal drawing

Sat workshop 1-day

Discover the freedom of gestural drawing with willow, and the drama of compressed charcoal

Dynamic colour mixing

Sun workshop 1-day

A step-by-step and practical guide to mixing the colours you want with ease by understanding Hue, Tone + Chroma

General Art

Midweek Daytime courses

Art + Creativity

Mon morning course 10-session x 3 terms

Gain skills to grow your creative-confidence and learn how to flourish as a visual artist

Weekly Art Class

Wed morning or afternoon class flexible booking

Be inspired every week with new art projects every session exploring a variety of materials + techniques

Ancoats Visual Arts

Tues afternoon peer group

Peer-led art group for everyone who loves visual arts and craft, with support and friendship included

Still Life Exposed

Wednesday afternoon course 6-sessions

Transform your still life drawing + painting with insights from Cezanne, Matisse + Picasso

General Art

Evening 6-session courses

The Art Elements

Thurs eve course 6-sessions

Key learning about line, tone, form, colour, shape, texture, pattern and composition

Essential Drawing Foundations

Thurs eve course 6-sessions

Learn core drawing skills to improve accuracy, perception and clarity of vision

Life Drawing

Courses, Classes + Peer-groups

Begin Life Drawing

Thurs morning course 6-sessions

The step-by-step life drawing course for absolute-beginners and those returning to life drawing

Life drawing Foundations

Thurs morning course 6-sessions

A unique tutor-led course for beginners and experienced drawers teaching an innovative experiential drawing approach

Life drawing Ancoats

Mon eve peer group

Peer-led life, figure and portrait drawing and painting for everyone, with support and friendship included

Children + Youth

Art classes with a curriculum or leisure focus

Children’s art class

Sunday morning class  1-session

Ages 8-10 or Primary-school aged. Tutor-led art class exploring a variety of materials, artists, and techniques

Youth art class

Sunday afternoon class  1-session

Ages 11-15 or Secondary-school aged. Tutor-led art class exploring a variety of materials, artists, and techniques

Mentoring + support

Midweek Daytime sessions

Art-school Mentoring

Fri afternoon 1-session

Supportive mentoring sessions to guide and support everyone to unlock their creative potential

Student quote: Loved it! you’ve shown me a different way to approach art and my creativity. I feel as if you’ve opened up in me a new way of seeing things.”
Donna B


Course Titles
Student quote: From week one I knew this was going to be good, and that first class was almost worth the fee alone. I think this course was an incredible experience and I know I’ve learnt a lot over the six weeks.”
Meg K


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