Creative drawing: intro – Jan 2020

I have learnt to be open to new techniques. Keep trying new things.

Jude N

I thoroughly enjoyed teaching the Creative drawing: introduction course this weekend. This course gives students the opportunity to reinforce the drawing skills taught on the beginner’s course and develop their drawing skills further towards personal expression and creativity. Again, it was a popular choice for people, and I am heartened to know so many people really value the chance to learn and develop their drawing and creative skills.

Many students arrive on my courses feeling unsure as Kirsty explained how she felt a “bit overwhelmed. Felt anxious I was on a course that was too high level”. However, after a warm welcome when they arrive, some gentle nurturing and high-quality teaching students generally find that their experience has been, as Kirsty discovered, a “mix of fun and learning. Challenging but not too hard.” Please read further to discover what the other students thought of the course.