Creative drawing: introduction – 27-28 Jan 2018

Creative drawing: introduction

What a fabulous course this was to teach this weekend – with a full studio of enthusiastic students from a wide variety of backgrounds and ages, we all shared our experiences and stories which made the weekend that much richer and interesting.  It’s what I love about teaching adults – everyone has so much to bring to the group.

Saturday is the more technical of the 2 day course which requires a lot of focus and concentration in learning to adopt a new way or methodology to drawing including ways for measuring objects to get your observation skills honed and increasingly more accurate.

However, this hard work is rewarded by a far more creative day on the second day with lots of different materials and techniques to experiment with and try.  A lot more flexible and fluid today is about finding ways of incorporating the new ideas into your own drawing practice – everyone finds different techniques, methods or materials of interest and learns to see how they can help develop their drawings in new directions.  It’s what creative drawing is all about – adding emotion, creativity, and personal interpretation into how we see and draw the world around us – its personal!

One student, Emma, said that the ” Technical base information was useful to help drawings start with a sense of ‘correctness’ – from there [we] explored the journey away from the restrictions of technicality to embrace creativity.”  John summed up the course very succinctly with, ” Basic skills, methodology, other media to try.  Loved the charcoal.”  But what did the other students make of the course?  Read further to find out.