Life Drawing Foundations – Summer 2022

Great few days. Really awakened something in me. Way exceeded what level I thought I would get to.”

Lionel G

Teaching this course holds a very special place in my heart. I grew close to Heather Spears (the author of The Creative Eye book that forms the basis of this course) and love every opportunity to revisit her ideas and exercises and inspire more drawers and artists – just as her book inspired me when I first read it. Spending 4 days in a life drawing studio drawing from a life model is always a fabulous treat especially when shared with a fab group of enthusiastic and passionate students.

Read further to find out what the students thought of their course experience.

Student comments

“Start your first lesson on this course! Helped me get away from outlines. The course has more than met my expectation. Best art course in the country!!”
Gary L

“Great introduction. Completely altered my thought process to approaching drawing. [My highlight was] watching the journey unfold for everyone. Great few days. Really awakened something in me. Way exceeded what level I thought I would get to.”
Lionel G

“Go with your eyes/mind open. This course brings a totally new approach to what you may expect. Loved it! [I learnt] how to start at the beginning, to build slowly and patiently. Accept that things will not always be the way you hoped and seeing the progress daily – and after 4 days. Starting at the beginning, looking more intensely, and understanding the form in order to build the image. Learning to break down the detail or leave it out.”
Sarah G

“An introduction to ways of seeing when drawing the human form. I have learnt how to see as if for the first time. The techniques will help me bypass what I think I know about the form of a subject. Absolutely loved exploring flow through the form and there are lots of opportunity to explore ideas and practice. I felt challenged, perplexed and out of my comfort zone, but in a supportive environment – I feel I have learned lots.”
Stephen R

“This has been a most extraordinary, lovely experience. Four days of being taught how to approach drawing the human figure using Heather Spears’ methods helped us all move forward towards a more expressive and honest way of drawing from life. Such a very special time. I didn’t want these 4 days to end!”
Sue M

“If you attend this course ,whatever your drawing experience or perceived ability you will come away understanding form, mark-making and space in a way which transforms how you see and respond when making art. This ‘new way of looking’ and mark-making will help me better explore how to make art that fulfils me. I was looking for something to ground me in a way of making art and this course has definitely done that!”
Gerard G

“Inspirational. I have learnt to concentrate on inner details but to keep an eye on the whole perspective.”
Hayden A