Creative Sketchbook: Dec 2018

“Really well structured course, guiding the student through techniques and thought processes in developing sketchbooks.”

Wendy N

Another wonderful weekend teaching the Creative Sketchbooks course in my studio – filled with students on this well-attended course.  A real mix of backgrounds, but again a cohort of textile-artists looking to improve their understanding of how to produce and structure a sketchbook to help them develop their ideas and techniques.  The group also had fine artists and dress makers – all adding a different perspective to how we can develop sketchbooks to help us develop ideas and reach creative conclusions.  Summed up really well by Cameron B when he says “Excellent guide to linking whats in your brain to developing it into ideas through clear guidance.”  Read on to find out what the other 10 students thought of the weekend course.

Student testimonials

“Very relaxing and comfortable.  Felt confident to have a go without worrying about what was produced.  Great atmosphere, environment.”
Hazel W

“Great environment and excellent tutor.  [It gave me] the confidence to produce sketchbooks and experiment with design for possible textile interpretation.”
Wendy N

“Good-enjoyable, friendly atmosphere, spacious room, materials.  Small kitchen facilities – all basics [provided]. Time well structured – good use of limited time available.  Demonstrations as well as descriptive examples of point between demonstrations.”
Jan S

“Full of inspiration to find own way of working without being put under pressure.  To work freely and have more confidence in putting practice into a sketchbook.  Value for money and excellent teacher. [The highlight for me was] finishing the course with a book of inspiration.”
Chris R

“excellent experience.  Suitable fro beginners into Art journals.  [Highlight for me was] time and resources to experiment.”
Jean M

“Very easy to book.  Very friendly. Brian is very approachable and explains things in stages – how to progress ideas from a drawing with different techniques.”
Chris G

“Creative weekend filled with lots of different techniques to ‘free up’ your thinking and allow your creativity to flow without worrying about getting it wrong.  Every attempt is a learning opportunity.  It’s a great creative outlet, great for inspiration and being around other like minded people.”
Serena S

“A great start to creating and customising your own sketchbook.  A wonderful 2 days of focused enjoyable tasks. “
Susan P

“Loved all the experimental processes.  Transition from white paper to creating something was really useful but struggled with the final [stage].  [I learnt a] different way of looking at a sketchbook.”
Jude S

“Very freeing, motivational and an aid to thinking outside the box.  I’ve learnt about sketchbook page prep and development and how to expand on existing ideas.  Step by step processes explained throughout, assumes no prior knowledge.  I’ve really enjoyed creating a sketchbook that looks more exciting than one item per page.”
Felicity R


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