Creative sketchbooks – Dec 2019

“A lightbulb moment – the way in which all relevant work links together in a cohesive way.”

Maria M

We had a thoroughly enjoyable weekend on the Creative sketchbooks course.  It was great having so many returning students.  We all got stuck in to transforming our shop-bought sketchbooks into a truly personal creative expression of our own creative ideas, interests while learning about how artists can use sketchbooks to generate new ideas, develop visual thinking and push forward their practice.  As Sue commented after the course “This has been a fantastic way of learning about how to create a sketchbook full of ideas and how to organise them to build a bank of resources in order to move forward”.  What a wonderful summary from Sue.  Read further to find out what the other students thought.

Student Testimonials

“I have been enthused to pick up a paintbrush, pencil and pen and just enjoy drawing.  I was able to use what I’ve been taught in class to develop my own ideas.”
Jeanette D

“Absolutely inspiring.  Great teaching and supportive environment.”  My course highlight was that I “could really see how I can use sketchbooks for developing mu own ideas and work.” 
Severine C

“Makes you think differently when drawing and coming up with ideas.  A very positive experience.  Enjoyable, fun, gets you out of your comfort zone but in a friendly, calm environment. All great.”
Ailsa O

“Helpful to development of ideas using colour, texture, etc using different techniques and media to enable transfer to end product/other media.”
Nita S

“Excellent for learning a lot of new techniques to apply to sketchbooks.  I’ve learnt that being experimental makes for a really interesting sketchbook – it is a place to come up with ideas and draw something in different ways.”  My course highlight was “seeing the examples of sketchbooks Brian has done.  Learning new techniques to enliven a sketchbook and drawing.”
Anna B

“A great way to learn how to organise your ‘artistic’ thoughts to create purpose and a ‘story’.  It teaches a range of skills which can be applied and adapted to fit your media of choice and encourages the participant to work outside their comfort zone.” My course highlight was that “I learnt so much.  Met a lovely group of people and very much appreciated Brian’s excellent teaching and friendly warm approach.”
Carole C

“A very enjoyable and creative weekend learning techniques and the concept of a successful and usable sketchbook as well as an outcome for a personal project.  The building of a sketchbook that is relevant and the processes involved, leading to a positive outcome.” My course highlight was “A lightbulb moment – the way in which all relevant work links together in a cohesive way.”
Maria M

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