Creative sketchbooks – Dec 2020

“I feel I have taken a big jump forward.”

Susan W

I always enjoy teaching this course as it opens up so many creative opportunities for students to uncover creative ideas and techniques.  The course really highlights how sketchbooks are the cornerstone of creativity and helps artists develop ideas and techniques.

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Student comments

I was stuck in that untrained artists loop – draw something – don’t like it – draw something else – give up.  I think Brian has broken me out of that loop!  I already have pages in my sketchbook that I’m really pleased with!  I like how Brian takes you through something step by step so that you can see what can be done next, or how to move back a s step and change direction. 
Susan W

“An excellent course that stretched my skills and helped me develop new ways of thinking.”
Maria B

“Excellent! Learnt a lot regarding ideas to outcomes.”
Alice C

“An exciting and informative explanation and process of creating a sketchbook.  How to start and continue with the process of creating a useful and meaningful sketchbook.”
Barbara B