Creative sketchbooks Diary – March 2016

ink,-emulsion,-pen-and-annotationCourse Photo Diary: 12-13 March 2016

Discover what the students got up to during this course.  The exercises, the experimentation, the finished drawings.

We all enjoyed a creative weekend learning how to structure and develop an artist’s sketchbook designed to help us develop new creative ideas.  We explored new techniques, played with new materials and I introduced a few processes or methods of working that help students find new ideas to move their art forward.

Student Quotes

“Expect to learn something new whatever your level.  Great pace and opportunity to explore your own avenues.  Very relaxed and length of sessions just right.” Alison E

“Absolutely, well worth it!! Best 2 days I’ve spent in a long time.” Ray W

“As a complete beginner I found this course a good starting point to finding my creative side.  I’ve learnt a bit about drawing materials too.” Aimee C

“Learned loads of new techniques.  Helped me to combine materials more.” Ian M

“Really interesting, fun and useful.  Has definitely kick-started me to get back to doing more art.” Catharine H

“Excellent course very inspiring from drawing to design.” Maria W

“Learnt to progress ideas, many techniques, and friendly atmosphere.” Tony M

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