Creative sketchbooks – Feb 2017

Creative sketchbooks Diary: 11 – 12 February 2017

Student Quotes
“I loved every second and didn’t want to leave.  The activities were inspiring and there was no need to worry about being a good or bad artist as Brian made everything seem so easy and accessible.  It was also fascinating to see everyone else’s work.  Something you never get when working on your own.” Lisa D

“Fantastic.  The course was well paced and interesting throughout.  It was a great opportunity to try many new things and be braver in my approaches.  It was also inspiring  to see other people’s work developing and the atmosphere was very supportive.” Jackie P

“I have learnt so many new technical skills and then opportunity to revisit my artistic practice after many years since my last studies.  I have continued to work on my sketchbook since… your course gave me the confidence and inspiration to do this.  The perfect balance of high quality, structured teaching and informality and fun.  I felt really comfortable to experiment and share my ideas as Brian’s approach was supportive and encouraging.” Elisabetta C

“For me the highlight was simply coming away with a clear understanding of how I might take my design work forward in the future.  The course was excellent and very friendly, well structured and presented very clearly with time to explore each newly explained technique.” Olly D

“I’d definitely recommend this course.  Brian is a brilliant tutor.  Everything was explained clearly and everyone was allowed to develop their ideas in their own ways.  It was a very relaxed atmosphere too.” Sasha R

“I learnt to push the boundaries and expand the ways in which I interpret what I see.  I discovered new ways of using familiar materials and I gained the confidence to record my thoughts and art in sketchbooks in whichever way I choose- there were no rights or wrongs! Jo L


What did the students learn?
The Creative sketchbooks weekend course allows students to explore creative ways of developing an artists sketchbook.  Students learn how artists sketchbooks are able to ‘work for you’ in that they help you develop and grow as an artist.  Students leave with the understanding and experience of sketchbooks being a place to discover new creative opportunities, as the place to take chances, be worry free, play and experiment  – all within a strong framework and structure that will enable you to move forward as an artist continually developing ideas and techniques.

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