Creative Sketchbooks – June 2017

What a fabulous time I had last weekend teaching my Creative Sketchbooks course.

A group of adult students all attending creative courses with the Open College of the Arts (OCA) had received feedback from their course tutors that they needed to improve their creative sketchbook course and so they decided to do something about it – one student discovered my course on the internet – and word spread between them.  And so I enjoyed the company of 8 students from around the UK who were all attending OCA courses and 1 local student who had been given the course as a gift from their partner. Ian, one of the OCA students wrote a really insightful blog post about his experience of the Creative Sketchbooks course and how it has helped him develop his creative work.

We all had a wonderful creative and productive time in a studio filled with weekend sunshine.  One student, Annette described her experience as “Excellent course. My work was quite different by the end of 2 days.  We were promised that we would learn approaches which would allow us to approach our sketchbook development with greater confidence and that’s exactly what we got.  “What did the other students think of the course? Did they

learn enough to help them create the kinds of sketchbooks that would meet their tutors expectations?  Read on and find out.