Creative Sketchbooks – June 2019

“I have come away with so many ideas to explore in my own sketchbook”

We enjoyed a wonderful studio atmosphere during the June weekend with a small group of enthusiastic students eager to learn new ways of using their sketchbooks to help push forward their creative ideas. Penny’s comment sums up the idea behind the Creative sketchbooks course when she says that the course was “Wonderful! Learnt the process that could be used to develop from idea to a possible end product”.  Read further to discover what the other students thought.

Student Testimonials

“The course has given me lots of ideas for study and developing ideas, producing reference material for future, lots of inspiration.  The teaching is very good, you will learn lots and improve your skills rapidly.”
Angela D

“Very informative, really relaxed learning experience.” I learnt “how to overcome the initial inertia when faced with a blank sheet and then develop those ideas.”
Jamie W

“Excellent, rewarding.  Great way to learn and have fun in an artistic way.”
Pat W

“A creative space to develop your creativity and get experienced with different techniques.” It was a good “opportunity to exercise your creative side in a welcoming space.”
Joanne K

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