Creative sketchbooks – June 2021

“It will help me to work towards finished pieces in a more professional manner. Place of no fear, trial and error.”

Judi B

I love teaching the sketchbooks course.  There is so much more that people can do with sketchbooks other than use them as a convenient place to do their sketching.  There is a method to how to use a sketchbook as a creative tool to spur on creative ideas.  This course unpicks the process and gives students loads of new techniques and ideas to take home and put into practice. Read further to find out what they thought.

Student Comments

“Covered broad spectrum of ideas for application when you go home. Helps you to think of alternative methods and tools for experimentation. I have learnt many applications on how to use my sketchbook in a more cohesive structured way.”
Judi B
“I really enjoyed rediscovering my creativity. Didn’t think I had it in me. Lots of ideas and skills to take away with me. Lots of hints and tips of how to use differernt techniques to enhance, explore new ideas and develop design. Thanks Brian for all your support.”
Tricia H
“I’ve really learnt to expand my ideas and how to use a sketchbook to play, how to manipulate a sketchbook to expand ideas and skills. I really enjoyed how you can alter a rigid structure [standard sketchbook format] to meet your unique needs.”
Caroline J
“Very enjoyable – time whizzed by. Experimenting different techniques.”
Amanda T