Dynamic colour mixing – June 2022

“Absorbing, well-paced, great group. [I have learned about] Hue, Tone, Chroma and the Twin-Primary Colour Wheel (ace!!)

Lesley C
It was great to teach my colour workshop again. Colour is a tricky thing to teach but I love it when the ‘penny drops’ for students and they suddenly understand colour as a dynamic, shifting, emotional, and personal phenomenon. Although theory is useful (I try to keep theory to a minimum), learning through doing is a far more rewarding and relaxing as students are able to see how what they are learning can be applied to their own painting at home. This is an introductory-level colour workshop and a perfect place to begin a journey of learning about colour, theory, and mixing. Read further to find out what the students thought of their workshop experience.

Student Comments

I wanted to strengthen the base of my [colour] knowledge – this course did that – now to implement through practice!”
Lesley C

“Learnt complex stuff about colour – as usual here it becomes accessible and unthreatening. It had a different approach than expected but I learnt a lot about colour dynamics – not just note making.”
Julie M
“A good introduction to relationships between colours and how to saturate and desaturate colour. This course will help me to mix colours much faster and explore tones [of colour] in greater detail. [My course highlight] was mixing secondary and tertiary colours. Fully met my expectations.
Jane F
“Interesting, relaxed atmosphere. Very good – put theory into practice.”
Melissa B
“An interesting (and challenging) dive into colour theory and mixing. [I have learned about] colour division into warm/cool colours and how this affects what colours you can mix. [My course highlights were] the explanations – ‘colour theory for dummies’. Definitely met my expectations in terms of understanding how to mix colours that support composition.
Caroline I
“Informative, relaxed, friendly and inspiring. I have learnt how colour is not ‘fixed’, how to see in tones and now understand the theory of the colour wheel. [My course highlight was] having the lightbulb moment of being able to see tones [within colour]. Initially I had very little understanding/appreciation of colour. I will leave the class looking at the world with a different perspective.”
Amy S
“There is more to colour than meets the eye. Colour bias – getting my head around how cool and warm colours can effect depth. Realising that the colours in the paint make a difference.”
Judith S