Essential Drawing Foundations – Autumn 2015

Essential Drawing Foundations

Discover what the students got up to during this course.  The exercises, the experimentation, the finished drawings.

This course enabled all 7 students to learn how to improve their creativity and drawing skills.  The course is exciting, challenging and fun.  Each week offers a different experience and teaches students practical techniques to help them draw more expressively, improve inventiveness, and interpretation by developing a new clarity of vision.  I often find it’s the students who are new to art who find the new ideas more easy to take on board and I have to work harder with the more experienced students to encourage them to try out new concepts – but we all get there by the end of the course!

The course offers new insights into the difficulties of drawing and offers practical techniques to enable students to draw more accurately and creatively.

This is a very personal course and students can take the ideas and techniques I teach them and apply them to their own drawing and painting at home.  This means the course is perfect if you are a realist or abstract artist – students only need to want to learn and accept new ideas and new ways of thinking about their drawing.

See below for quotes from the students and images from the course.  This will help you get a good idea of what it’s all about.

Student Quotes

“Very experimental, breaks down walls and re-introduces you to drawing.  It’s fun and you really learn things that improve your drawing.  I have learnt a lot about drawing more accurate in proportion, flowing, volume of objects, the space around the object, meaning and feeling attached to mark making [drawing].” Agatha A

“Liberating, it’s 2.5 hours where you don’t think about anything apart from what’s right in front of you.  it’s so freeing to make whatever mark you feel and it comes together.  It was great – I produced something tangible and that I’m really proud of.” Rosie A

“Takes you on a journey of drawing as an art and craft allowing you to express yourself.  has really given me confidence in my drawing ability.” Jane A

“This is a life changing experience – I see the world in a different way and feel a new bravery and excitement about being creative.” Jackie P

“Definitely worth doing for learning new ways of approaching drawing.  Fun, definitely improves drawing skills.” Pryn H

“I’m learning how to draw the whole concept, the big picture that I have in mind.  Exploring the space, the variety of lines, and how to use them to represent volumes is just the starting point.  I will definitely work on such a way of drawing.  I found it innovative and exciting.  Every moment was fantastic.”  Annalisa T

“Really positive.  The atmosphere created a complete non self-critical stance was extremely helpful to me. I especially liked the way few comments were made.  [The course offered] good teaching, approaching drawing from a different/original perspective. … it’s not about wrong or right but about a journey.” Claire W

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