Essential Drawing Foundations – Autumn 2019

“It makes you think in a different way about drawing.”

Vicky P

It was a joy teaching the Essential Drawing Foundations course as it always allows me to revisit the inspirational teachings of Heather Spears, in this course that I have adapted from her book The Creative Eye.  When I read her book in 2011 it changed my attitude, understanding and method of drawing forever and I always hope my students have an equally profund experience as they learn some of Heather’s ideas and drawing techniques that I have adapted for this course. As Vicky commented after the course “it makes you think in a different way about drawing.” I really hope this is true – but read further to find out what the other students thought.

Student Testimonials

“Intriguing and challenging – makes you think in a different way about drawing.”
Vicky P

“Challenging, interesting and absorbing. I have learnt to see differently – I hope I can hold onto that! I love sinking into the art – time passes so quickly and absorbing.”
Pam B

“Personally I found it a great way to relax and escape day to day life. A lovely new experience, especially as a longtime out of education.” My course highlight was the “different ways of drawing than those learnt at college.”
Lauren T

“The course has broadened my experience of drawing and how to go about it – shift from line outlines to start a drawing to build up volume and shapes.”
Paul B

“For a beginner or someone taking up drawing after a long gap – great for confidence and making you look at things afresh. Great for rekindling enthusiasm and to move away from pre-conceived ideas of what a drawing is.” My course highlights were that “I probably enjoyed the first two sessions the most, was less worried about what the finished drawing looked like. I liked the way each class built on the previous one.” All in all, really glad I came on the course.”
Caroline P

“A journey into different ways and forms of drawing – exploring form. I have learned to look at things more inquisitively and explore different ways of drawing.”
John L

“Makes you think how to draw objects differently from the normal. I have learnt shading from centres to the edges to make pictures look for 3D.” My course highlight was “to see how (in my eyes) I felt I got more knowledge of drawing each week.”
Jason K

“This course takes us beyond all the preconceptions we have from starting a drawing through to questioning and thinking about mass, volume, etc. without resorting to outlines. I have loved every course I’ve attended and have no hesitation in recommending them all.”
Sue M

“Really interesting, introduced a lot of new ideas about art and the ways we think about creating. Learned interesting techniques for seeing and drawing. Would recommend if you are feeling a bit stuck creatively – great for freeing up your mind and the creative juices.” My course highlights “were the techniques learned – particularly the contour lines like a wire model – has been very helpful in drawing things I would not have been too intimidated to try before.
Saffia B

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