Essential Drawing Foundations – Autumn 2020

“Very thought provoking – will use the tools I have learnt in future projects.”

Christopher P

Always an amazing course to teach.  Heather Spears’ book The Creative Eye, on which this course is based, is such a treasure trove of information and valuable information about perception, creativity and drawing.  I learn more myself every time I teach this course, so I am confident students will gain an equally valuable series of insights when they attend this course.

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Student comments

“A new approach how to draw.  I enjoyed looking at examples of artists.” My course highlight was “at the end when all that we had learnt was expressed in a final work.”
Myriam B

“Re-programming the way you perceive drawing, viewing the core essence of an item and using the emotion it produces as the catalyst to create.  To abandon the idea of boundaries within drawing, not to be afraid to draw as you see an item as apposed to a generic perfect item.”
Christopher P

“Challenging, interesting and literally an ‘eye-opener.  Takes you right back to the fundamentals of looking, noticing, paying attention and parking what you think you know and what you think you see. ” My course highlight was “drawing the mass – I found it really difficult but weirdly its the thing I most remember! I ‘see’ things better. “
Ellie N