Essential Drawing Foundations – Autumn 2022

“Very enjoyable though challenging at times. Hadn’t realised it would be so radical.”

Debbie R

A wonderful summer course with early evening sunshine streaming through the windows – always makes such a difference. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching this course with the studio full of students yearning to find a new approach to drawing and perception. I know some sessions presented challenging new ideas for some, but with the right support and encouragement and using the drawing exercises as a way of developing understanding of the new concepts everyone took on board the ideas. It was lovely seeing students’ drawings transform and evolve over the 6 weeks.

Read further to find out what they thought of their experience.

Student Comments

“The course has been life changing. I have found a different way of seeing and found a new hobby. [I have learnt that] seeing the object, the space around it and then staying really close to it (almost merging with it) as you express what you see in your unique way. [My course highlight has been] literally the whole thing. I loved the Heather [Spears] quotations. I wanted to explore how to perceive in a different way and let that creativity flow. Fully met [my expectations]!!”
John W

“Made me think outside of the box that I had created for myself during my art experience. Was quite freeing – a whole new experience. Learnt to see the object differently with more tone and depth and to observe the space better. Also learnt to ‘let go’ a bit more. It has met my expectations. I wanted to immerse myself into an ‘artistic experience’. It was enjoyable, informative and a good way to spend a Thursday evening.”
Sally P

“I would say [the course was] thought provoking but I’m trying to experience, not think!! I’ve gained a much better feel for volume and three dimensionality. [My course highlight was] experiencing the flow of the plants. I thought I would learn better line drawing but I learnt how little the line matters, but how important it can be in the right place.
Jackie C

“Very enjoyable though challenging at times, but I learnt a lot being pushed (gently) out of my comfort zone. Most of all I learnt to pause for longer before starting any art, and more often during the process to consider what I was really trying to achieve, to remember the different approaches to be more expressive. More than met my expectations. Hadn’t realised it would be so radical.”
Debbie R

“Gentle art instruction that really gets you thinking. Thinking of energy on the page emanating from the mass of objects and their interaction with space + objects around them instead of focusing on outlines. [My course highlight was] the end results! It was different to some of the other courses, harder to get my head around what was required. Maybe I was tired. But it was good, just harder work!”

“The course taught me a completely different way to draw which I found frustrating at first but as it progressed it all came together. Learning to draw from the inside out! Over time I came to understand how this will help develop my drawings. [My course highlight was] Week 3 – this was when the techniques all started to make sense. It was different to what I expected as it was a completely new approach to drawing that I wasn’t even aware of!”
Joe M

“It was difficult to know where it was going at the beginning (not in a bad way) but each lesson was rewarding and it came together brilliantly all the way to the end. [I have learned] a process for seeing and drawing that will stay with me into the future. [My course highlight was} Week 2 – drawing the space – challenging and very interesting. I didn’t have any expectations but managed to exceed them anyway!
Thomas H

“Really enjoyable and challenging course which definitely expands your perception of drawing techniques. [I learned] unlearning what you know about how to traditionally draw and replace it with a more experimental process. [I’m] definitely ending the course with more confidence and experience of how to draw. Thanks for another great course.”
Chris M