Essential Drawing Foundations: Spring 2019

“The course was excellent. This has been a complete change in my approach to drawing.”

Dannica P

I enjoyed teaching a wonderful final session of the Essential Drawing Foundations course this week. Based on Heather Spear’s book The Creative Eye – the course retrains students in a new approach to drawing and is therefore always quite an emotional, challenging, yet rewarding journey. There is no course quite like it! I was so thrilled to see what the students have accomplished and how their drawings have developed over the 6 sessions. I think it quite appropriate that Amanda sums up her course experience as “Bloody hard work! Fascinating! Uncomfortable! Disturbing! Distressing! Amazing! Fun! All of the above – but ultimately EXCELLENT and VERY REWARDING.” I agree with her – but read further to find out what the other students thought.


“Really good re-introduction to drawing – not intimidating and group atmosphere helps confidence to give it a go.” The course has helped me “not to panic when starting. Trusting that the picture will come if you concentrate on your mark-making.” My course highlight was that “the group was lovely to talk with and Brian was interesting, helpful and made a great working atmosphere.”
Grace M

“The course has taught me “to look and not predict; to try and pay attention; not to give up too easily; to enjoy the process and not worry about the product.” My course highlight was “all of it – but the smoke method was really good to learn.” “The course really gets under the skin of your creativity – great tutor.”
Amanda T

“Be prepared to be challenged every week. Just when you think you’ve got it, you get challenged again! You learn so much! Brian gives loads of advice and encouragement.”
Danica P

“An unexpected approach to learning to draw. Very much enjoyed the gradual introduction of new but important concepts that I would have never thought about myself.” I would recommend this course as its “a fantastic way to relax and be creative in a new way. Avery supportive environment and thoughtful approach to teaching.” My course highlight was the “excellent teaching, attentive approach to lesson planning. Very supportive environment.”
Susie J

“Opening the mind to different, new approaches.” I would recommend this course due to the “affable, gentle approach, confidence boosting, encouraging to try new approaches.” My course highlight was the “Blind [drawing] session.”
Judith B

“Positive friendly brilliant teaching. Given me a great starting point for learning to draw. Feel much more confident. Well structured course, great teaching, lots of opportunity to learn with great support.”
Jill W

I would describe my experience of the course as “Outside my comfort zone so that makes it good…” The course has helped me in “looking. Really looking.”
Ruth B

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