Essential Drawing Foundations: Spring 2022

“Definitely recommend. There has been so much to think about and definite inspiration and starting points.”

Lucie D

I love teaching this course as it is based on the book ‘The Creative Eye’ by Heather Spears – a book that has had a profound influence on my thinking and approach to drawing. The exercises and techniques that I teach on this course has the ability to change students’ thinking and approach to drawing to give them a far more fuller and richer creative experience when they sit down to draw. It changes minds and opens up creativity. Read further to find out what the students thought of their experiences.

Student comments

“This course has really made me think about what art is. Not about recreating what you see more about individual expression. I have learnt new drawing techniques how to capture the energy around an objects and movement. How to use lines to create form imagining touch. Exceeded my expectations – thought it would be a traditional drawing course which would have been fine, but I’ve enjoyed this more.”
Tamlyn F

“Be ready to forget about technical aspects, pretentious materials, etc – Keep your mind open. [I have learnt about] drawing as a personal experience and identifying basic elements. Focus on the ‘content’ of the obejct was a first for me.”
Carlos L

“Wasn’t sure what to expect but hadn’t imagined to learn so much about different ways of seeing and approaching my drawing. I’ve learnt various methods and techniques to help me step outside of myself and find the more creative me and hope that this will help my drawings feel interesting and alive. “I enjoyed all of it. The course was quite challenging and kept me engaged and eager to test the new methods I was learning about.”
Matthew D

“Highly enjoyable and challenging. Provided a new way of thinking and experiencing drawing. How to use space and build mass and tone to improve definition of my drawing. [My course highlights were] Brian’s passion and approach to teaching and learning of new artists for inspiration and using materials I wouldn’t usually draw with. The course was bought as a gift but was nothing like I expected (in a good way). I have taken away new skills and ways of approaching drawing.”
Rachael K

“It was a very creative approach to drawing in that there was no ‘way’ other than discovering new ways of approaching the subject. I have learnt that you need to be aware of so much more that the object itself. Not to be stuck in trying to draw the object byt to draw what you see without worrying about teh final picture. The drawing exercises made drawing feel free. 100% met my expectations – no right or wrong way in terms of teh final picture. This is shown as everyone’s work was so different therefore each feeling free enough to express their own individuality. We did not all end up with the same style drawing – interesting!”
Lucie D

“Very enjoyable and have learnt a lot. I’ve learnt about how to adjust my expectations and how to approach drawing in a different way. I’ve learnt about the process of creating drawings and about the mental work needed to develop ideas. [My course highlights was] unexpected and surprising techniques. It was a good thing that this course was much more abstract than I expected with so much in depth discussion about ways of thinking and approaching drawing. Good theoretical background with reference to artists works and the book [Heather Spears’s The Creative Eye].”
Kathleen R