Essential Drawing Foundations – Summer 2020

“Challenging preconceived ideas and ways of looking at objects and ideas. 

Steve J

One of the first courses I taught after resuming once Covid-19 lockdown restrictions had ben lifted.  It was great to be back teaching in my studio again.  I know students were thrilled to be back learning and being creative within a supportive group rather than drawing at home on their own or trying to connect with others online.  Fabulous to be back again!!! Even with half the usual number of students to enable us to keep social distancing it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience teaching this summer.  Read further to see what the students thought.

Student Comments

“Challenging preconceived ideas and ways of looking at objects and ideas.  Gives you experience of working in a different way with materials and at scales not previously experienced.”  I have learnt “to focus attention and to embrace a full experience of the object. To approach an object with a new experience of mass, density, surface, movement…”  My course highlights were “all valuable, each week progresses well to the next.”
Steve J
“Changing the way you perceive and experience objects, exploring your own perception to develop new skills.” I have learnt an “appreciation of the nature of space, density, object, surface and what line is.”  My course highlight was “the meditation exercises to become in tune with your own sensory inputs.”
Ian S
“A breakdown of different techniques to improve your relations with the subject of your drawings.  I learnt to incorporate interesting marks and better describe volume and depth as well as relating drawings to the surrounding space.” My course highlights were “drawing the plants while exploring making marks and the longer drawings at the end of the course.”
Emma N