Essential Drawing Foundations – Summer 2022

“I had an excellent time, Thursday evenings become the most enjoyable!”

Kirsty B

very varied group of students taking them through the different aspects of some of the things I consider to be vitally important foundations to drawing. I love teaching beginners as I know they will get a good start to preferred ways of seeing and drawing. Equally I enjoyed seeing more experienced artists shift their ideas out of their comfort zone and experience a new and different drawing experience.

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Student Comments

“I wasn’t expecting such a new ideas and angles of how to draw. Thanks for creating this space [where I was able to learn] many new techniques and awareness of what we are drawing.”
Enza S

“I would recommend this course to anyone who wishes to become better at art. I’ve learned to look in a more focused way, to look harder, away from first impressions.”
Gary L

“I had an excellent time, Thursday evenings become the most enjoyable! Come without expectations and enjoy the creative learning experience. I have learnt the value of drawing from a place of innocence and abandoning preconceived ideas of how things should be – on top of that I learned valuable practical skills. I enjoyed seeing how the class developed individually under the tuition. It showed the value of individuality. [The course] met my expectations by encouraging me to pick up a pencil and get started. It also gave me great foundations to continue at home. Thank you.”
Kirsty B