Essential Drawing Foundations: Spring 2018

We started this 6 session course late in January on a Monday evening.  The studio was full with 10 excited students willing to take the plunge and go beyond their comfort zones to improve their drawing and understanding of being creative.  The course presents ideas about creativity and perception to make students question why they draw, along with lots of techniques to help students creative expressive, personal, unique and powerful drawings.  It really is a drawing course with a difference and well worth reading Heather Spears’ book The Creative Eye on which I have based this course.

Among many things the course will teach you a student Abi reflects that she learnt “not to worry about drawing an image that looks realistic but to focus on energy, capturing the real heart of what you are drawing.” Read more student comments below.

Student comments

The highlight of the course for me was ” when I realized I could draw something by just looking at it! I learned new techniques, different approaches and ideas [in a] relaxed atmosphere, met nice people, was sad when it was finished.  Would like to do more!”
Beate B

“An intermediate class with focus on restructuring your mind’s view on the world.  It allows you to have fun with art – I’d recommend it if you were looking towards art as a therapeutic past time.  I feel it has allowed me to ‘let loose’ a little.”
Emily S

“Fabulous journey – don’t expect to come out each week with a finished sketch – the 6 weeks is a journey of discovery – how to really look at scenes, objects, where to start and how to develop.  Very well guided tuition and feedback.”
Wendy N

“Challenging and thought provoking. How to look at a subject differently.  Focused time to learn and re-learn skills.”
Julie R

“This course will make you understand differently how you create art.  You will learn and learn and come to a new beginning.  A new understanding of the drawing process.  Stimulating, interesting, challenging.”
Pat C

“Excellent. Has given me confidence in drawing again and a whole new perspective on art.  It retrains your perspective on art and gives you confidence.  Does not tell you what is right or wrong as [the course and teaching] celebrates all styles.
Nas D

“Relaxed, safe environment, free to explore without judgement.  Enables you to think differently on your approach to creating an image using mark making in a [studio] space that promotes creativity.”
Jason C

“Opens your eyes to a new way of drawing and to get more creative. “
Abi Y

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