Experimental drawing – Dec 2015

Discover what the students got up to during this Experimental Drawing course.  The exercises, the experimentation, the finished drawings.

This course helps students build up a wealth of mark making techniques which can then be applied to whatever their usual style of drawing is – abstract or representational.  The course concentrates on abstract non-representational mark making as this is the best way to help students develop their skills, creativity and understanding of being a creative contemporary artist.

The course is a lot of fun but with lots of challenges along the way.  It is jam packed with demonstrations, new techniques, opportunities to improve your drawing skills, and a bit of theory along the way to give a context to what mark making is all about.

Find out what the students thought.

Student Quotes

“Excellent, really enjoyed it, many techniques learnt.  New techniques to apply to future drawings with different ways to think and apply your won creativity.” Tanya A

“Very stretching, very different to most art courses.  Very creative, lots of different ideas, stretching but with lots of encouragement and support.” Lorraine W

“Lots of new processes and techniques and ways of thinking about my drawing that will broaden my work.  Greta way to spend a creative weekend with excellent tuition and facilities.” Chris W


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