Experimental Drawing – March 2023

“I really enjoyed the course today. It was exactly what I needed to free up my creativity. Great teaching and a relaxing environment.”

Kate W

A wonderful creative day in the studio teaching one of the free-est and experimental of all the courses I offer – mark-making. Students embraced the ‘try-it-and-see’ attitude required for quality creative mark-making and together as a supportive group of students made the day a success.

Read further to find out what the students thought of their experience.

Student comments

“Fantastic! Time flew by, I got completely absorbed in the work and enjoyed the opportunity to experiment and free my mind! [I learnt] how interesting mark-making is and the lengths to which it can be developed. [My course highlight was] layering marks using different media. It was spot on – exactly what was promised in the course description. I experimented and freed my mind.”
Alexandra M

“Practical application of loosening up and thinking more broadly about mark-making. [I have learnt] new mark-making to apply to abstract and figurative work. Really useful! ”
Lesley C

“Fun, flow, meditative, learning, non-judgemental. [I have learnt about] simplifying, how to inspire abstract pictures, and new ways materials interact. [My course highlight was] the final picture of the day. I loved it.”
Orla M

“Really enjoyable – lovely environment to explore techniques. [I have learnt about the] importance of mark-making, layering, and techniques. [My course highlight was] to try multiple exercises. Fully met my expectations and am interested in another course.”
Tim W

“This was a great chance to get out of the house, get head space, forget the stresses of life and meet some great people. Brian is great, really welcoming and entertaining. I will definitely be back! I have learnt to use new media and stretch myself outside my comfort zone. I have taken skills and elements from other artists to use in my own work. [My course highlight was] getting messy! This has been exactly what I had hoped. A day of learning, expressing and getting inspired. Great day.”
Lucy W

“A very enjoyable and informative day. In creased the range of marks I might use in my work and used Indian ink and twigs for the first time. Learned about using emulsion to take marks back. I enjoyed all of it. Broadened my experience and knowledge of mark-making / abstract work.”
Val S

“I really enjoyed the course today. It was exactly what I needed to free up my creativity. Great teaching and a relaxing environment. I have learned a variety of mark-making techniques, and how to be more spontaneous with them. I enjoyed producing a high volume of work over the day! Lots of new ideas and techniques. Ticked all the boxes! Learnt to be more free and expressive.”
Kate W

“It was very good and took you through things step by step and built on what you learnt. It has given me a lot of inspiration for thinking more about my mark-making and how to abstract my work more. [My course highlight was] all of it! Definitely met my expectations and more!”
Lisa B