Experimental Drawing – Nov 2019

I have learnt to ‘free up’ my brain and experiment, but in a directed/focused way

Caroline I

The Experimental drawing course resulted in an exciting weekend of experimentation, open mindedness, fun and drawings full of self expression.  Our exploration of non-representational mark-making was embraced by a studio full of students with a willingness to let go of traditional approaches to making drawings and allow new ways of thinking about, and making drawings, develop and change their approach.  As Helen said about the course, “I felt comfortable just giving everything a go despite limited experience”.  Her attitude really sums up everyone’s approach which is what made it such fun to teach.  Read further to find out what the other students thought of their experience.


Student Testimonials

“It unleashes your creativity and allows you to try different things you wouldn’t think of trying.”
Helen L

“Relaxed wat to explore art, materials, seeing, moving away from realism.” I have learned about “finding ways of looking at texture, colour, rhythm – elements to build layers but maintain a form – push through blocks.”
Nita S

“Great! Go for it!  Friendly, well organised but not formal.  Relaxed but no time wasted – chance to explore different materials and especially enjoyed the plastic printing”.
Margaret W

“Go. Very positive, supportive but pushes your thinking.  Gets you into thinking about ‘expression’ first and let the process drive the outcome.”
Roger S

“Learning techniques and the theory underpinning all art making in a supportive friendly and accepting environment.  I have learnt to ‘free up’ my brain and experiment, but in a directed/focused way.  Loads of techniques to take away.”
Caroline I

“A lot of fun and thoroughly enjoyable.  You will learn a great deal in a short time.”
Jill W

“A wonderful introduction to the idea of being more expressive in our mark making which I’m going to enjoy putting into practice.  The course was relaxing but challenging in that it encouraged us to question and experiment with materials.”  May course highlight was “the variety of mediums and techniques and stimuli.”
Sue M

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