Expressive drawing, L1

Contemporary still life course diary 19-20 May 2018

We enjoyed a wonderful sunshine filled studio this weekend when a lovely group of students joined me in the studio to learn how to re-think still life drawing on the Contemporary still life course. Ability levels ranged from beginner to intermediate which brought a great mix of experience into the studio.  Everyone shared their ideas and skills and students learnt a great deal, not just from me, but from each other as well. Saffia found the course, “Very positive – I would recommend the course to anyone considering it. Great, helpful teaching and a lot of interesting techniques and new ways of drawing learnt.”

Read further to find out what the other students thought about their experience on the Contemporary still life course.

Student comments

“I have learnt to be a lot freer in both drawing and composition and to be less focused on drawing things exactly as they are and more focused on creating the images I want.  I’ve also learnt a lot of new techniques for using different drawing materials in their best way.”
Saffia B

“Really interesting and practical.  helped me explore different ways of expression.  I would definitely recommend. I’ve learnt techniques, ways of looking and I have much more confidence.”
Karen B

“If you feel your creative spark has gone out, then try this course.  It will shake away the cobwebs! It has inspired me to continue drawing at home and continue with oil pastels.  I’ve learnt that i don’t have to be a slave to the subject matter but use it creatively in ways I hadn’t tried before. Well paced and lots of information.  Lots of encouragement and support from Brian.  It will bring out your creativity.”
Danica P

“Great experience, good teaching, a real joy.To loosen up and not be set about composition or to be too tied to what I am looking at.  I learned a lot about layering and working into my work. A really enjoyable experience in a friendly atmosphere and good one to one teaching.”
Sandra R

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